Veterinary Services

At Cat & Dog Hospital Of Columbia, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

a white dog wearing sunglasses

Your Full-Service Veterinary Hospital in Columbia, MD

We are a fully functional veterinary hospital offering a range of excellent pet care services, including wellness programs, surgery, and medical treatment to make sure your cherished companions stay happy and healthy.

a cat sitting on a table

Pet Vaccinations

a person in scrubs holding a cat

Pet Check-Ups

a dog with a cone on its head

Pet General Surgery

a vet spraying flea drops on a cat's head

Pet Parasite Control

Vet brushing cat's teeth in clinic

Pet Dentistry

a dog wearing sunglasses

Pet Laser Therapy

a dog sitting on a table

Pet In-House Bloodwork

a cat wearing a blue shirt

Pet Spaying & Neutering

Vets examining an x-ray of a dog

Pet In-House Digital X-Rays

a cat with a cone around its neck

Pet Mass Removals

vet examining the dog in the X-ray room

Pet Radiology

Vet performing an ultrasound scan on dog

Pet Ultrasound

a dog with a cast on its arm

Pet Orthopedic Procedures

a vet holding a cat with a bandage on its paw

Pet Pain Management

a dog sitting on the floor next to a bowl of food

Pet Prescription Diets

a vet holding a cat

Pet In-House Digital Dental X-Rays

a dog lying on a table

Pet Assistance in Chemotherapy

a vet with a stethoscope around a cat

Pet International Health Certificates

a dog and cat lying on the carpet

Pet Boarding

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