Pet Dentistry

Maintaining your furry friend’s oral health is as vital as their well-being. At Cat & Dog Hospital Of Columbia, our pet dentistry services go beyond routine care—we prioritize your pet’s dental health to keep them happy and healthy.

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Vet brushing cat's teeth in clinic

Understanding Pet Dentistry

A Comprehensive Approach:

At Cat & Dog Hospital Of Columbia, our pet dentists are dedicated to providing thorough and compassionate pet dentistry services. From routine cleanings to addressing specific dental issues, we tailor our approach to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Why Pet Dentistry Matters:

Maintaining good oral health is not just about a sparkling smile; it’s crucial to your pet’s overall well-being. Regular dental care can prevent periodontal disease, tooth decay, and bad breath, ensuring your pet stays comfortable and content.

Comprehensive Dental Services

Our pet dentistry services include:

Teeth Cleaning

We conduct a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, promoting optimal oral health.

Oral Examinations

Regular check-ups can catch potential issues early and prevent escalation.

Tooth Extractions

When necessary, our experienced veterinary team performs extractions with the utmost care.

Dental X-rays

Advanced diagnostics to identify hidden problems beneath the gumline.

Benefits of Our Pet Dentistry Services

Pain Prevention

Regular cleanings and check-ups prevent dental issues that can cause pain and discomfort.

Overall Health Improvement

Good oral health contributes to better overall health and longevity for your pet.

Personalized Care

Our approach is tailored to your pet’s unique needs with individualized care and treatment plans.

Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Recognizing when your pet needs dental attention is essential. Watch out for these signs:

  • Bad Breath: Persistent bad breath can indicate dental issues and should not be ignored.
  • Difficulty Eating: It may be a sign of dental discomfort if your pet avoids certain foods or experiences pain while eating.
  • Excessive Drooling: Unusual drooling can signal oral health problems and should be assessed by a veterinarian.
  • Changes in Behavior: Irritability, reluctance to play, or sudden aggression can indicate dental pain.
  • Visible Tartar or Discoloration: Check your pet’s teeth regularly. If you notice tartar buildup or discoloration, it’s time for a dental check-up.

At Cat & Dog Hospital Of Columbia, we understand the importance of oral health in your pet’s life. Our pet dentistry services are designed to be accessible, affordable, and, most importantly, beneficial for your furry family member.

Ready to give your pet the gift of a healthy smile? Schedule a pet dentistry appointment with us in Columbia, MD, and let our dedicated veterinary team ensure your pet’s oral health is in the best possible paws.

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